Inspired by the secret of ocean purity, and caring for the environment, Bondi Goddess beauty products are made

from naturally derived ingredients & sourced using ethical & sustainable practices. 


The unique active enzyme formulations are designed to invigorate skin cells leaving

your face with a fresh from the ocean glow. 


The Bondi Goddess range is certified 100% Australian made, owned, formulated and packaged in Australia. 



Who ?

The Bondi Goddess range is

inspired by the secret of ocean purity and

Australia's natural beauty.

What ?

Ethically sourced and

naturally derived, the quality of our ingredients

is our constant priority.

Where. ?

Australian made and owned,

each formulation is created in

our local laboratories by our

team of experts.

How ?

Proud of our 35 years of

formulation experience, we

deliver gentle yet exceptionally

effective products.

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